Horizontal Honing Machine

We offer horizontal hydraulic honing machine and horizontal tube honing machine available in 800mm and length range of 150mm and 8000mm, our range of Horizontal Hydraulic Honing Machines are widely demanded in various engineering industries for various applications. Further, these are also tested on various quality parameters that meet the international industry standards.

D-HONER DHH is horizontal machine capable of honing heavier components like hydraulic / pneumatic, cylinder, longer pipes on batch & mass production basis. This range covers from 50mm to 800mm in diameters and 150mm to 8000mm in length. It is operated hydraulically and honing cycle in fully automatic.

Horizontal Tube Honing Machine

Technical Specifications

MODEL DHH 300 DHH 600 DHH 800
Diameter Range 50 to 300 100 to 600 200 to 800
Job Length 3000mm 6000mm 8000mm
Speed Range RPM 0 to 800 0 to 600 0 to 500
Drive Electrical A/c Drive Electrical Drive Electrical A/c Drive
Stroking Length mm 3500mm 6500mm 8500mm
Stroking Speed 0 to 15 0 to 15
Minimum infinitely variable Hydraulic Cylinder Chain Sprocket Chain Sprocket
Stroking Speed 0 to 15 0 to 15 0-10
Hydraulic Tank 600 ltr. 600 ltr. 600 ltr.
Reciprocation 10 HP 15 HP 20 HP
Rotation 10 HP 10 HP 15 HP
Speed Controls A/C Drive A/C Drive A/C Drive
Electric Controls PLC with MMI PLC with MMI PLC with MMI
Cycle controls Manual/Semi/Auto Timer Manual/Semi/Auto Timer Manual/Semi/Auto Time